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Another Trip Down Memory Lane

So, still looking through the old photos and I found some from when I was a teacher and we used to go on a school trip each year to France. Originally we went to Disneyland Paris on two days, but with a change of staff we had a bit of a rethink and decided the kids could do with a broader experience of theme parks in France, so we swapped a Disneyland day for a day in Parc Asterix. There aren't that many rollercoasters here in Cornwall, so for many of the kids who came on these trips it was their first experience. As well as (I believe) Europe's biggest wooden coaster, Parc Asterix had Goudurix, with seven inversions - the most of any ride in Europe when it was first built. It is one of only two coasters in the world with a butterfly element. I discovered later that a couple of years after the last time we went it was voted the worst steel coaster in the world. I understand it has had a lot of work done since then and is now a much smoother ride.

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